However you live there's a part of you always standing by mapping out the sky.

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During preparation for Woods, the musical director warned Kendrick that no Cinderella had ever nailed the big ballad, “On the Steps of the Palace,” an atonal whirlwind.

"There’s always a note or two that’s wrong, because the song is impossible," Kendrick says, "so I made it my mission to actually get the fucking notes right, which I didn’t realize was going to be such a problem." Doesn’t that sounds like the vow of a Type A overachiever, after all?

"I guess," Kendrick says reluctantly. She pauses, then bursts out laughing. "Or you could look at it like, well, that’s my fucking job."

excerpt from  "Anna Kendrick Had Her Heart Broken by a Hot Dog" by Amy Nicholson (via fuckyeahstephensondheim)

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Elaine Stritch
Every Day a Little Death


In Elaine’s penultimate show at the Carlyle, she performed a spoken word version of “Every Day A Little Death,” turning Stephen Sondheim into a piece of poetry. “It’s tough to do this,” she said, “and if I get through it, we’ll alllll have another drink, so let’s wish me well.”